We’re sponsored!

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It is our honor to announce we are officially sponsored by TRU Gaming! TRU Gaming is a voice and server hosting company providing top notch voice and game servers. They have provided us with some awesome det0x t-shirts as well as our teamspeak and a couple game servers. Be sure to check them out at http://trugaming.com/ and hop in their discord at: https://discord.gg/nXS9sgs


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As the release of Overwatch nears, det0x will be making a push to be a known force within the game of Overwatch! With many of our members already playing, and streaming the game, now is a great time to jump in and join the crew! Hop on teamspeak and mingle and lets start killing!

Black Desert Online

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We have some exciting news! We have officially created a det0x guild within Black Desert Online! We play on the Uno server and are booming! We have about 20 members and growing. If you would like to be part of the guild hop in teamspeak and talk to C4r1b0u!

Path of Exile Recruitment and det0x’s future in the game

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With the end of 2015 and begining of 2016 it has been a rebuilding for the crew in det0x when it comes to Path of Exile. Within the past few weeks we have recruited about 70-80 active member in the PoE division and have had a massive spike in teamspeak activity related to the guild. We have added a few new officers, and look ato add at least one more as we near 200 members in the guild. In the coming days and weeks, our new Path of Exile content creator Defib will be adding guides to our website, as well as keeping you updated to our PoE activities as Ascendancy approaches in March. It’s an exciting time to be in det0x and if you aren’t yet, be sure to apply today!

Rainbow Six Siege

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Hey Guys!
Det0x is recruiting.

Rainbow Six Siege is a new addition to the Det0x community and we are looking for players who want to enjoy the game with a friendly and active team.
Det0x is a friendly and active clan that understands life is more important than games. Yes we are a gaming community but we have respect for what people have to do in real life. We won’t expect too much from anyone, we just expect friendliness, loyalty and respect back from you.
As the beta is starting on the 24th November and the game releasing on the 1st December we are trying to recruit as many members as we can to make our Rainbow Six Siege team bigger than ever. The more members, the more people to play with, the more fun to have.
Give it a try guys, what is there to loose?

Apply today by clicking here

H1Z1 and PoE recruitment

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Over the past couples weeks we have been recruiting a ton for both H1Z1 and PoE and had a great success. We’ve gained a ton of new members and already made some great memories. israel . We will continue to actively recruit in these games and continue to grow. If you are interested in joining det0x and haven’t yet, fill out an application quick on the website and join the crew!

Applications now live

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Hey guys! We’ve been working hard to get the website up and running. As you can see we have included a teamspeak viewer on the side as well as getting an application page up and running.

If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to let them be heard!

Welcome to the updated website!

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Over the next few weeks we will be adding contact and re-vamping the clan! We are currently recruiting for multiple games including PoE, CSS, LoL, and others. We will be needing active and mature admins and mods. If interested please contact C4r1b0u!

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